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An unforgetable escape for Your next getaway

Step into the timeless elegance of our Liberty-style villa, the exclusive place for a marvelous holiday experience. A noble family’s legacy, now a venue where luxury meets leisure.

Explore the timeless charm of our Liberty-style villa. 

Escape to your own private mansion with brand new swimming pool, perpetually blooming garden..

Step into the timeless elegance of our Liberty-style villa. 

The exclusive place for an unforgettable holiday experience.

Villa Del Re Swimming pool

On a picturesque hill, our lavish villa is a captivating blend of new and old-world charm. Newly renovated expansive swimming pool complete with a thrilling water slide, invigorating countercurrent, and indulgent massage features, invites you to dive into a world where peace intertwines with excitement.

Villa Del Re Garden

Precisely restored blooming garden is a testament to nature’s resilience and timeless allure. Each flower tells a story of renewal, as vibrant colors paint a picture of nature’s artistry. Amidst the fragrant blooms, the garden exudes a charm that transcends time, inviting you to stroll along beautiful paths and immerse yourself in the oasis, in a graceful ballet of beauty and serenity.

Villa Del Re Pine park

In the embrace of our estate lies a captivating park adorned with majestic 200-year-old pine trees, standing as silent witnesses to the passage of time. Their towering presence lends an enchanting charm to the surroundings, casting dappled shadows upon winding pathways. Wander through this living tapestry of nature, where the breeze and the rustle of leaves tell tales of centuries past, creating an atmosphere of tranquility and timeless beauty.

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Hiking in Carrara | Sea | Visit Pisa, Lucca, Florence | Horseback riding and much more…

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